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About the Club:

The Club meets at King Lear Lake that is within the Watermead Country Park. The lake is approximately

1 mile in circumference and with a depth of up to 12 feet. Access to the lake is via a pay on entry machine

at the entrance to the lake.

The lake can be found by following these coordinates :-                                 

                                                                                                                                                                          (right click to go to a new page)

Members meet regularly on Sunday mornings, weather permitting, usually between 9:30 and 12:00.

Some Members also meet during the week by mutual agreement. The Club Members are granted 24/7 use of the lake by the Council.

A Brief History

King Lear Model Boat Club (KLMBC) was formed in 2006 when a group of model boaters became dissatisfied with their existing model boat club. So they decided to look around for another lake to sail on.

Some years earlier, a large expanse of land to the north of Leicester had been found to have a seam of gravel which had been subsequently excavated. After extracting the gravel, the pits were allowed to fill up with water from the adjacent river Soar forming an assortment of lakes up twelve feet deep.

In the 1980’s Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council along with Charnwood Borough Council decided to convert the area into a nature reserve and recreation facility, thus creating the Watermead Country Park.Tarmac roads, pathways and car parks were laid to give easy access. Wardens are regularly in the park maintaining the park, its facilities and flora.

In the northern area of the Park, under the control Leicestershire County Council lay several lakes, one of which they had named King Lear’s Lake.

The model boaters approached Leicestershire CC for permission to use this lake for sailing their model boats. Approval was given and the King Lear Model Boat Club was formed.

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