HMS Kent build by Phill Mellor

Launched in 1926, the County Class was a new design of heavy cruiser. Built by Hawthorn Leslie at Chatham Dockyard she underwent several major refits, upgrading her armour and anti-aircraft armanent. having a high freeboard they were a steady gun platform and were considered the most accurate 8 inch gunned cruiser.She is depicted as at 1944 with 5 sets of radar, by which time her displacement had increased to over 14,500 tons.

The gun terrets.

Built to a scale of 1/128, the hull was obtained from Fleet scale together with the turrets and anti-aircraft guns and some deck fittings. The decks, planke with American boxwood, and superstructure are all scratch built. 

A control panel is fited in the forward compartment to enable individual circuit switching between off/running/battery charge. Running time approcimately 1 hour.

The model has a displacement of 5.6kgs.

The finished model.

 Four scale propellors are powered by four 540 motors through 8 universal couplings. Two 3.4ah, 12 volt batteries provide the power.

It has a smoke generator for all three funnels

On trial in test tank.