HMS Trumpeter by Stuart Craven

Scratch built at 1/16 scale LAO 140cm Beam 40cm
Originally fitted with twin Torpedo 850 motors, now with Leopard Hobby LC 3536-560KV Brushless motors driving twin 2" 5 blade props.
Working Deck, Mast, Nav and Search lights and Radar Scanner. 
Fully detailed interior and Bridge with crew, all fittings and crew hand made.

HMS Trumpeter is a Archer Class Patrol Vessel which is attached to the University of Cambridge squadron.

Whilst participating in an Exhibition at the London Arena a RN boat was taking dignitaries around the docks, on closer inspection the Hull had two distinctive chine lines so would make this a challenging scratch build project. 

This were taken whilst ballasting the model to determine the water level for painting. 

I contacted the Navy and the Commander of HMS Trumpeter invited me to a day aboard the ship at Ipswich to enable me to photograph and sketch the detail I required. Many months later I completed the build.


This shows Deck Stanchions, there are 5 different designs, these were made in brass and Chrome plated to simulate Stainless Steel.

Deck fittings in place.

The finished boat on the water.