Dear Member, 

Due to the cancellation of the Warwick Boat Show in November this year and the alternative Blackpool Show being to far and expensive I have been looking at a proposed day out for the club members. The two alternatives that I have looked at are a day at RAF Cosford or a day at RAF Hendon, both of these sites having a boating history as well as good flying museums. I have detailed below possible alternatives for both site and I would request members to respond accordingly.


  1. RAF Cosford  Travel by Coach                                    £36.00 per person

                (2)                           Travel by Minibus                                 £6.50 per person

                (3)                           Travel by Private car                             £7.00 per person


                           There is no entry fee into the Museum but a small car park charge of £5.00 (all day)


                (4)  RAF Hendon    Travel by Coach                                     £42.00 per person

                (5)                             Travel by Minibus                                    £7.50 per person

                (6)                            Travel by Private car                              £12.50 per person plus TFL charge

                          There is no entry fee into the Museum but a car park charge of £7.00 (3 – 6hrs)


                (7)    Not interested in any of the above


The costs for the above are based on 16 persons travelling to either venue by Coach or Minibus, Private car its based on 4 persons per car, any reduction in numbers will increase the price per member accordingly. The minibus will also require a

driver over 25 but under 70 with a class D1 licence.


It is proposed that this is a Mid week trip possibly October/November so please e-mail me your option (1 – 7) by 31st July to enable me to progress this proposal further.


Stuart Craven