For Members only

Competeition - Design a Club Sign

We are now allowed to place a sign on the gate at the King Lear Lake by the lake entrance.

Therefore the club is to hold a competition to produce a sign suitable to advertise our presence.

The following rules apply.

1) Must be A4 size

2) Have our website address on it

3) Have the words LAKE ACCESS. MEMBERS ONLY..

4) Our LOGO can be emailed to you or you can omit it altogether if you wish.

See photo below as a guide

The judges verdict will be final on the suitable entry.

The prize will be free entry to Watermead park for a year (worth £25)

and your name as the artist on the sign. (Artist./ drawn by..........................)

Your entries may be emailed to the Secretary or the Webmaster. 

Competition ends 30th April 2023 - all entries must be submitted by this date.