Sea Hornet by Richard Steane

It is a Sea Hornet that I have scaled up from an original Aero-Kits plan. The original was for a 25″ model but I have scaled it up by 1.56 to give a length of 1 metre. Obviously all scratch built with everything  cut by hand. The model will have twin motors driving water jet impellors.

The boat is constructed mainly of plywood and obeche but there will be a number of 3D printed items as well. I up-sized the plywood by one thickness from the original plan to correspond to the upscaling, but in hindsight, I could have stayed with the original thickness for skins and decks. Plywood for the bulkheads and keel (5mm exterior grade) came from Wickes whilst the skins and obeche came from Slec. 

Batteries in position.

View of the twin water jet proplsion units. All 3D printed from my own design.

There are enumerable photos, kits and other information about model Sea Hornets, but despite trawling the internet for several hours, I have only been able to find one reference to a full size Hornet. This is of a boat built in 1932 (see attached screenshot) with a length of 28ft and this is in Michigan. The shape of the transom is very similar to the model (but there are other boats with a similar shape) as are the two windscreens. As there is only the one view it’s hard to say if there are other similarities.

Decks added.

The hull was spray painted and the deck

 was  veneered with strips cut from sapele sheet (mahogany substitute) with balsa strips in between  each strip to create the lines. 

The deck fittings and the seats were 3D printed from my own designs. The picture shows the model prior to deck varnish and seat painting.

The finished model.