Star Saphire refurbishment by Phill Mellor

This is the model of a refridgerated fruit and meet cargo vessel. (Universally known as a REEFER) and are tradirionally panted white, because of the nature of their cargo. They are fast vessels and can accommodate a limited number of passengers.

It was decided to replace all the Masts,Derricks, Lifeboats and all the deck apparatus.The hull was repaired and painted white and control converted from analogue to digital.Radar, smoke and sound effects were added.

This model was originally constructed in 1983. having been stored in in an old damp garden shed, it was infested by insects and mice. By 2009 it was in a poor state. It is made of wood on plank  and frame principle. Being 39 years old the hull was found not to be watertight, therefore a complete strip down was necessary. 

This is a sympathetic restoration of the hull and superstructure undertaken in order not to destroy the original builders intentions.