Swordsman Build by Gary Crisp

The plans were enlarged from 34" to 50" to enable a 26cc petrol engine to be fitted.

So here we go, picture shows the bulk heads screwed to wooden blocks on a build board all true and square ready to put in the Stringer

Now Below is where we start to add the 1.5mm ply skin  and use as many clamps as you can to hold in place along with BRASS pins Note the foam

And then adding the rest of the skin and then adding the spray rails again Both pined and glued spray rails SOAKED in bucket to bend easy and superglued on

Well its getting there  And its bath test time. Note the battery on aft corner to balance, weighed about 2lb, so 2lb lead folded and placed in bottom of hull. 

The mistake I made (left) was not adding extra timber in the red bits so the Ply could be glued and tacked to  so added more 1/4 x 1/4 strips.               

Now its time to make the Cabin