Vagabond - 40ft Nelson Pilot Boat by Stuart Craven

This model was bought some 50 years ago from a Leicestershire model boat company Modelcraft of Blaby. After initially using the model regularly I started using it for trying out different motors and speed controllers, its current power is 2 Brushless motors mounted onto a Aluminium water cooled bulkhead , on the reverse side two speed controllers are mounted. 

 The original full size boat was built on the Isle of Wight by TT Boat Designs in conjunction with Trinity House. 18 of this type of vessels were in service with Trinity House, 11 of which had the Aft Wheelhouse configuration, the other 7 being Centre Wheelhouse versions, all having names beginning with V. Most of the vessels were sold abroad but Vagabond remained in the UK in private ownership and I have been fortunate to be in contact with is owner over the years.